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My Dachshund, Annie


Ferndale, Washington, United States

Posted January 14, 2014

About a year ago, after a great amount of thought, I decided I wanted to get a dog. I have a chronic illness and am in pain a lot. I had read that owning a dog can be helpful when you are ill. Although I wanted a dog, because of my illness, it was of mandatory importance that I got a dog that was small and one that was low maintenance! Because of the substantial training that goes into owning a puppy, I knew I needed to get a dog that was a few years old. I started researching shelters and looking at pictures. I found the shelter that had a few possibilities and went to look at my choices. Because the shelter did a personality and family "match" they didn't think my choices would work. But just earlier that day they had a Dachshund come in. I went to look at her, and she just jumped all over me. I often tell my friends and family that she chose me because she definitely did.

Getting Annie has been one of the best choices I have ever made and she has definitely improved the quality of my life!

The positives of owning Annie:

1. She not only loves me but she loves anyone and everyone I have ever brought into my home. She jumps right into their lap and acts like she has known them forever. This includes my two year old grandson. She is the perfect "people" dog.

2. Aside from a few "accidents", due to her not being on her "schedule", she is potty trained. I was very surprised when we got her, to find out that she did not go to the bathroom in the house (My brother has owned three dachshunds for about 10 years and they still are not potty trained). Apparently her previous owners did a fantastic job of potty training her.

3. Although she gets excited for a few moments at a time, she is, by far, the most mellow dog I have ever owned. What Annie loves most, aside from food, is sleep. This works really well as I frequently do not have a lot of energy, due to my illness.

4. She loves to burrow. The only way she sleeps is by rolling herself up in blankets. She is definitely a mole. It is just simply really cute.

5. She loves to go on car rides. When I am driving she sits between the driver's and passenger's seat and rests her head on my shoulder.

6. When I am sad, she sits on my lap and waits until I feel better to get up.

7. She gets along, VERY well, with dogs that she KNOWS.There has never been any sort of problem with the other dog we temporarily have in our home. They sleep next to each other, lay next to each other, and eat together without any problem at all.

The negatives:

1. Annie is a "stinky" dog. Her ears, her breath, and her feet have a very strong odor. Her main body, itself, does not. In the summer time, I had to bathe her once a week, to remove the odor from her feet. In spite of brushing her teeth and cleaning her ears on a regular basis, they are still pretty smelly!

2. Although Annie is mellow, which works great for me, she plays very little. She is quite lazy and mostly loves to sleep. Although she does play some (with the other dog we temporarily have in our home) and by running in the yard for a brief time, it is generally VERY short lived. She also does not play with toys, at all. I have tried to get her to play with toys but she doesn't seem to even understand the concept.

3. Annie hates being outside in the rain. Since I live in Washington state, this is a bit of an issue. She is definitely an indoor dog (although she will lay outside in the sun, we don't really have but a few days a year of sun here!)

4. Annie is very stubborn. When we take her outside to go to the bathroom, if it is raining or very cold, she tries to run back up to the door. It is only after almost a year of owning her, that she seems to just now be catching on that she is going to have to go to the bathroom, whether it is raining or not. She absolutely despises the rain and cold.

5. As I stated above, she loves people. Although I listed this as a positive it is definitely a negative too. She has tried to leave with the mailman, the UPS driver, the Fed Ex driver, and the people who deliver pizza. She would get into a car with anyone, because she is so friendly. I suspect this might be how she ended up in a shelter to begin with. Although it is cute, it is also very scary because if she ever got out, she would go home with anyone.

6. She initially does not get along with other dogs. It seems as though, if we are out (like at Petco), and pay attention to another dog that she gets "jealous". She will start to growl and show her teeth. We haven't taken her to the pet store in awhile.

All in all, the positives far outweigh the negatives to me. She has brought so much joy and happiness to my life. I found the perfect match!

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