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Overview of My Dachshund


Idaho, United States

Posted December 20, 2013

Podo is, and has always been, a protective dog. Your typical lap dog, he's quick to bark at strangers and is quite loud, despite his age. He may have been too coddled, but whatever the reason, it's unfortunate that he does not like strangers. I'm unsure if this is always the case with Dachshunds, but out of the three that I've lived with in the past, this "bark blindly" instinct was present with two of the three. Only one of the three Dachshunds (his name was Toby) was friendly to strangers.
As for children, these dogs are not overly hyper, so there was no worry of them being too rough and playful. They are also very protective of their food and, Tiny in particular, would prefer not to be touched when he got a hold of a dog bone or rawhide.
It's important not to overfeed them though, since it's easy for them to become overweight. It can cause problems when they're more round than they are long! As for them getting along with other animals, Dachshunds can become jealous if they aren't getting as much attention as another animal. Although, in my experience, this seems to apply to a lot of different breeds.
They can definitely be a bit skittish, if they're not taught to (at least) socialize with other animals. Each of the Dachshunds that I've lived with has learned to get along with cats, if not warmed up to them almost immediately. Of course, I can't say the same about the cats reaction to them.
As for the upkeep on their grooming, I've only ever owned short haired Dachshunds, so this review applies only to that type. This goes with gender as well, since I've only ever owned male Dachshunds.
This type of dog does love to dig holes, especially on the side of fences, so be wary of these escape artists. On the same note, they are prone to attack small animals (such as squirrels and groundhogs), so don't be surprised if they leave a gift for you on your back porch. They will also bark excessively at birds and squirrels up in a tree.

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