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Port Jefferson Station, New York, United States

Posted December 18, 2013

Fritzi was actually my brother's dog, however, I trained her and sat for her while he traveled on business, which was for 5 months to 6 months every year. We got her with her little brother from a professional breeder when they were both just weaned; unfortunately, the other puppy had parvo and we didn't find this out until it killed her, which was soon after our first visit to the vet.

But on to happier things. I have to say that of all the dogs I've come into contact with, the dachshund is the funniest. They are extremely loyal to their human family and are ridiculously affectionate, to the point where they will, if not trained (and sometimes even if they are trained) chew on things due to separation anxiety. They also whine like crazy if you don't pay attention to you, and will sit in your lap for hours if you let them. They love to burrow under bedclothes and blankets - which must be a throwback to their days of getting badgers out of their lairs.

A couple of things: this dog is not easy to train. Dachshunds are very stubborn and obey commands maybe 50% of the time, which can be improved with training but never, in my experience, goes about 70%. So be prepared for a power struggle, even if you let the dog know who's the alpha - which should really be done with any dog. Also, housebreaking can be a real challenge and requires consistency and determination. I used a crate to housebreak Fritzi and for the most part she did well, although as she got older she had more "accidents;" she did, however, keep them in the kitchen.

Then there's the barking. Some dachshunds rarely bark, and some have a constant, annoying bark. Fritzi barked like mad if she was left alone. My brother's landlord used to let her come upstairs to his apartment rather than listen to it. It can be a real problem, and I've never seen nor heard any advice on how to train them to stop it.

Overall, the dachshund is a very loving, friendly dog, great with older children (7 and up - old enough to know how to treat a dog as a living being and not a stuffed toy) who will give it's owners years of happy companionship and entertainment. Just be sure to hide your good shoes when you go out!

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