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Posted December 12, 2013

Rowdy was a Dachshund that I lived with for several years. I’ll admit that he technically belonged to my Grandmother, though it didn’t seem like it at the time. Rowdy was an aptly named dog; he was incredibly alert and watchful at all hours. I recall numerous nights spent listening to the shrill sound of his incessant barking.
Don’t get me wrong, Rowdy was a sweet dog. He got along fairly well with the neighborhood children, though he did bark a lot as they walked toward him. He ate very little and aside from occasional nail trimming, bathing, and grooming, he was very low-maintenance. However, Rowdy, like the other three Dachshunds my grandmother had, refused to be housetrained. This would not have been nearly so much a problem had Rowdy and the other dogs lived outside, or even in the garage. But my grandmother’s house was in a relatively cold climate and she could not bear to have her little puppies outside in the cold. They were all very small dogs, after all. Her insistence that they remain indoors for the majority of the day was usual for my family (we are all pretty soft-hearted when it comes to our pets), but finding their little surprises all over the house became a serious problem. So did the fact that the house began to smell permanently of dog urine. It was not something I could tolerate. It actually drove me out of my Grandmother’s house.
Though Rowdy and another of my Grandmother’s Dachshunds have passed on, she still has two of them, who remain unhousebroken. I would recommend this breed of dog to many people, even families. However, professional help housebreaking and training these dogs may be necessary.

Please note that the attached photo is not a picture of Rowdy but a similar Dachshund.

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