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My Precious Lil Rug Hugger


United States

Posted October 5, 2013

Zack my lil' rug hugger was my very first dog as a child. I begged and begged for one it seemed for ages, and finally my mother caved. I was taken to the Shaggy Dog Pet Shop and the search began. I walked in not quite ready to turn 7 years old with a spring in my step. I was going to find the best friend I have ever had on that very day. I noticed a small pen with tiny lil puppies. They caught my eye immediately. Their long little bodies and floppy ears where perfect, I was in love. I went over and Zack came up to me, tail wagging madly. There were 8 total puppies, but he was the very smallest of them all. The runt my mom called him. I said to her, he is little like me mom, and noone else would understand what it is like to be the littlest, but I do. I picked him up held him close, and that very instant we were bonded for life. Over the years we did everything together from enjoying a quiet walk, to playing, rolling around in the grass and leaves during fall; to swimming in the pool together in the summer. He was my dearest and best friend. He was my alarm clock for school. I remember hearing my grandmother say Zack it is time for her to get up, go get her. I could hear his little nails on the tile as he raced through the house after his invitation to pounce me. He would bound onto the bed...press his nose to mine and wiggle like mad. He was fun, energetic, knew when life was troubling me; and with a simple lick and nudge he could right the world.There is one specific bit I really want to add about my true and best friend. I was in the garden one summer I had turned 10 the previous fall. I heard something hissing in the strawberry patch. I recall my grandfather mentioning to me watch me feet, as there were an overwhelming amount of snakes since a rainfall drove them to higher ground. I saw the head peaking just above the leaves. Panic hit me, and I was ready to run. I was bare footed, and was sure to get bitten. I could tell by the markings on the top of the head it was a copper head. A venomous snake our area is known to have a plenty. Tears streaming down my face I knew what was about to happen. I stood very still hoping it would simply slither away, only to see him edge closer and begin to coil. Then I saw a streak of black out of the corner of my eye. Zack knew the minute he was let out, I was in trouble. He sped for the snake and lunged forward grabbing it so quickly I barely knew what had happened. He flung it back and forth violently for a good few minutes. Then dropping it as I was yelling for him to come to me. He had killed the snake, and saved me from being bitten. My main concern was to check him and make sure he had not been bitten in the process. To my surprise he had not a scratch or bite on him. I did a lot of reading after that, and come to find out he had skill in handling himself in such a situation. I can say without a doubt, these little rug huggers are amazing pets. Good with children, best of friends, easy to groom, healthy, and agile. Two thumbs up amazing family pets, or for those who live alone as well. Perfect personalities in an adorable package.

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