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Agapito the Pogito


8000, Philippines

Posted September 24, 2013

Our family or rather my brother has a Dachshund. His name is Agapito and he is such a bundle of happiness, joy and energy. My brothers claims that Agapito is a hunting dog, one of the fiercest in our brood of dogs. What a joke. I once saw Agapito being chased by a flock of geese. His cute little legs were pumping so hard that you can't almost see them. Twas his fault it turns out. He went to the edge of the flock and started barking and nipping at them.

Agapito likes to dig holes in my Pop's planters box that he literally uproots entire plants. Once he has a big enough hole, he proceeds to lie down on it and sleep with his four paws up. But no matter how mad my father gets, he never had the will to smack Agapito with a shovel. I mean who gets that mad with a mad dog.

He's also that kind of dog that is too friendly to a fault. He gets so excited when we have visitors that he just starts speeding around the compund in circles. When the visitor comes into the compound... he jumps and leaps at the visitor like a ball. He sometimes makes love with the visitors legs. He often urinates with excitement. These antics have always brought enough laughter to last us the year. When the other dogs join in... man it's a riot.

Agapito loves to stalk the chickens. He crouches so low that he literally drags his belly in the ground. He inches until he's only about a couple of feet away from the nearest hen. With his tongue lolling out and that mad grin on his face, he launches himself at the nearest chicken pinning it to the ground in a cloud of dust and feathers. Then he lets the chicken go and the madness resumes. Tragedy happens when he does this exercise with the little chicks. Agapito unintentionally crushes them to death with his weight. When this happens, he kind of slinks back to whatever hole he has dug and pretends to sleep.

What can I say... Mad dog, that Agapito is.

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