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The lovely Dachshund


42017, Nicaragua

Posted September 23, 2013

I have owned two dachshund since two years ago.
I'm very happy with my pets because they are a breed very funny to see, quite affectionate and very attentive to their house, and living with.
Lilo was the first in coming, she is a female dog, black color. since the first moment to this day, she follows me everywhere I go in the house.
With her, I've learned many typical things of the breed, like sniffing around the house, and when she sees an animal like a cat or a bird suddenly she jumps on them. never been so close to getting one but at least she tries.

They fit perfectly into small apartments, they love sleeping and they're always awaiting the arrival of the owner.

Those were some of the things that pushed me to get my second Dachshund. Cobi, a male dog.
they are so easy to breed, and healthy when they're adults and a fact is, that they do not demand as much. That gave me full confidence at the thought of acquiring my second Dachshund

Since Cobi came home, he demonstrated how much he loves the affection and knows how to pay it, because is the first who don't lose an opportunity to give me a kiss.
however, he is a bit more active and curious and he has a certainty that exceeds his size.
Lilo never got upset with the arrival of Cobi, I think she was more happy with his arrival than me, giving evidence of the good character of the breed and their sociability.

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