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Buster Brown


United States

Posted September 20, 2013

Buster came to our family to be a friend to my grandmother and provide her companionship. He was an outside dog, but she allowed him to come inside daily to sit with her and hang out. She would call to him and he would take a running jump into her lap, and land without hurting her. She laughed at this behavior.

Buster was always very good with children and other dogs. He was very friendly and sweet. He was not too smart, nor very obedient, but he had also not had any training. Perhaps if Buster had been trained he would have been more obedient.

Buster was very calm and did not care to run around very much. He was a fat boy. Like my experience with other types of Doxies, he would eat and eat, as if he were never going to get the chance to eat again! My grandmother had to ration his food, but he still neglected to exercise, despite staying outside most of the time.

Buster only barked when a complete stranger approached the fence. I don't mean the mailman, the landscaper, or someone else he knew (even vaguely). He only barked if it was someone totally new. Otherwise, he was a calm boy. In this regard, he was not a good watch dog. However, he was protective of my grandmother if he was in the house.

Buster was rather healthy (other than his weight) and did not require much grooming, with the minimal exception for his toenails (as most dogs require toenail trimming).

Buster was a wonderful and loving companion, without requiring too much attention- just right for an elderly person. Eventually, my grandmother could no longer care for Buster so he had to go to another home. She enjoyed having him as a pet.

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