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Georgie and I


United States

Posted September 14, 2013

Once I had Georgie in my life I never thought about him not being around anymore. Now, that he is gone I found I had to find a new life routine, because he was best friend. Always by my side, miserable without me, and more fun than you could imagine. I have the memories and the pictures of our life together, and that makes my smile everyday. He was such a character. When he was a puppy he was incredibly adorable. I would get a thousand complements on how precious he was anywhere we went together. When he got older, the compliments kept coming because he was strong, stout, and quite proud in his stance.

He did have some barking issues, always when someone approached the door, I could never break him of that habit. For me, that was not such a bad quality. Georgie had a bit of a scrappy attitude towards strange dogs. This was most dangerous if we were around a bigger strange dog, he had sort of an overly confident feisty attitude which thankfully never got him hurt. Housebreaking Georgie was not as difficult as I thought it would be, as I read his Dachshunds were “Hard to housebreak.” I was persistent and consistent as one is advised when housebreaking an animal. I also read this breed has a tendency to snap or nip at people when they are being corrected. I was absolutely consistent and fair with him and never waivered, in turn, I believe Georgie learned from a young age, I was not backing down. He must have respected me, because he stopped what he was doing every time I told him “No.” His grooming was simple. I would bathe him regularly, since he did live inside with me and often slept at the foot of my bed. He was not a long haired Dachshund. I would think a simple brushing is all one would have to do to groom that breed. He had no considerable odor, if he did, I simply bathed him again. I read Dachshunds live quite a long life. Georgie lived almost 13 years old. I wished it would have been longer.

Georgie had basically four personality traits, the hunter, the actor, the digger, and the athlete. He loved to run, play, and chase toys. In general, he was quite active. I thought it was sweet because he seemed to challenge himself everyday to be faster and the look on his face commanded that I see him and be proud too. He was quite proud of himself, and that is what I think is so sweet. He was quite the little actor, meaning he would show off and desired much attention with all eyes on him. Clowning around was one thing he loved to do. When he was Georgie the digger, I was simply amazed. He could dig fast and quite deep. Faithfully, I took him to a nearby sandbox, and he learned that was his time to dig. Not in our yard. I could never deny him this trait; he was doing exactly the very thing he was bred for, digging. Except we weren’t hunting vermin or anything like that, he was following natural instincts.

He was a great dog in a great breed. He made a keen watchdog. He was loyal to our family. He was comical and entertaining, as well. Georgie will be missed. I am currently looking for another Dachshund to buy or adopt.

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