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The Three Little Dachshunds !


2090, South Africa

Posted April 12, 2013

One morning i recieved a call from a breeder friend of mine, "i'm outside you weiner!" he said, i thought it was particularly odd why he'd be calling me from outside the house :) but i knew immediately he had bred some Dachshund pups!
Haha, well, that was an amazing day - as i opened the door the fresh breeze whisked that 'new dog' smell up my nose and i couldnt help but smile. "i knew when you called me weiner you were talking dog!" i said, and the rest is how we say - history.
I got my first Dachshund trio while vacationing, so it was relatively easy for me to take care of them as we all know theyre quite co-dependant, ever curious and have tons of energy!
i made sure to shave mines as their coats can be a mission and a half to groom when longhaired because of how active they are.
the stubborn pups were hard to train but i pressed on and kept at it, i think the training part was part of the reason i had to let them go (a gift to my extended family back home!)
All in all a great pet to have if you start training early and have a backyard for them to exert all their energy in! and to keep them from digging out your carpets haha! ;)

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