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The Dubious Dachshunds


United States

Posted February 20, 2013

I decided to get a dog to give my dog Amber some company, so I started looking on-line to find dogs up for adoption. I came across an irresistible photo of Bailey. I didn't realize he was a dachshund from the picture because had long white hair with light brown spots and adorable freckles on his nose. He looked so cute and sweet that I decided I had to have him without researching the breed details first.

When my husband, my daughter and I went to pick him up, he was peering out the door and barking excitedly, or so we thought. When we entered the home, he immediately ran behind the breeder and wanted nothing to do with us. I didn't let it bother me considering we were strangers. I figured he'd warm up to us eventually. He did, mostly; he still has a love hate relationship with my husband. I'm also happy to say that he became Bailey and my dog Amber became fast friends and can't be without each other.

Dachshunds do not come without their quirks and I've become very familiar with them through Bailey as well as my dad's dog Toby.

- They pick their people. If they decide you are worthy of their pack they will treat you with undying love and affection. If they decide you are unworthy, then you'd better watch out as they will make their disdain for you quite clear. Case in point, when my mother-in-law enters the house, he tries to chase her out. When that doesn't work, he growls and barks when ever she comes near. In the beginning when she would come to visit, he would immediately poop on the floor. He loves my sister, mother, dad but is wary of my brother and he tolerates my 5-year old daughter. He accepts most of my friends but is not a fan of one in particular. (He might sense that she absolutely hates dogs. Who knows.) There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to who he picks and who he rejects.

-Dachshunds can never truly be house trained. I am very diligent about taking Bailey out on a schedule and crating him when we are gone as well as at night. He will do well for quite awhile and then suddenly, without reason, will start eliminating in the house. This cycle continues to this day. My father's dachshund does the same thing as well as the dachshunds that my friends own.

-Dachshunds HATE the rain as well as wet grass, so good luck getting them to go outside in those conditions.

-Dachshunds will chase after you if you move too quickly and attempt to nip your heals.

-Dachshunds bark - a lot.

-Dachshunds made the top ten list for the most aggressive dogs. (Fabulous)

My Dad's dachshund, Toby, shares these same traits but to more of an extreme.
He is very protective of my father. Don't dare try to get near my dad or you may get bitten. Of course my dad doesn't help matters. He absolutely loves that Toby only has eyes for him and doesn't do much to correct the behavior.

Don't get me wrong, I love Bailey even with all the negative things I have to say about his breed. Toby is a good boy too, when my father isn't around. They have both made wonderful additions to our family. If they love you, they will never leave your side - quite literally.

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