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Dachshunds make lovely pets


Indiana, United States

Posted January 31, 2013

Our dachshund, Cinder, is a wonderful little dog. He is a longhaired chocolate dapple, and although a lot of the lighter dapple colouring has faded as he aged, he is beautiful. His temperament is strong-willed, curious, and loving. Cinder is not an easy dog to train, as he is very stubborn, so patience is a must when training a dachshund. Unfortunately, we did get Cinder from a pet store, thus he was born in a puppy mill. After learning of where pet stores get their puppies (nearly all pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills), I do not ever suggest getting a puppy from a pet store! Please buy from reputable breeders or adopt your dogs. Anyway, because Cinder was born in a mill, he was difficult to crate train, however in normal circumstances, dachshunds are not too difficult to crate train. One negative thing about him is that he does bark, A LOT. And not just when there is someone at the door, but also if he hears the rattle of keys, or the rustle of a plastic bag, or just about any strange noise. However, with consistent training, this can be managed. He is much quieter and more relaxed now than he was when he was a puppy. Although he is energetic, his exercise needs are minimal, and after a walk he is happy to lay on your lap on the couch for a while. Dachshunds are great for apartments, as they do alright without a yard as long as they are taken for a daily walk. They are quite good at amusing themselves in the house, just make sure you teach them what is a toy and what isn’t! As far as health goes, dachshunds are quite healthy, the only health issue we have had so far with Cinder is a skin allergy to fleas. Though Cinder will definitely bark at a stranger when they walk through the door, he quickly calms down and greets them with a wagging tail and a hope to be petted. He has never been around young children, but he does ok with older children and cats. He is wonderful with other dogs as well. Grooming is very simple, despite that he is long haired. A good brushing once a week does the trick, and a bath every month or so. His shedding is minimal as well. Overall, great dogs for adults and older children, and good for apartments (just make sure you start training early to manage barking!).

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