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Texas, United States

Posted January 23, 2013

My aunt is a Dachshund breeder (hobby) so I have pretty much been around them for the majority of my life. I also have extensive experience working with these dogs while working as a kennel attendant at an animal hospital. It is hard to make an overall review of these dogs, because everyone I have met has been different. Overall though, I have known Dachshunds to be great little dogs that can be lots of fun.


They are intelligent, loyal, loving, playful, and good watch dogs.
They are energetic but also like to snuggle.
They are good with other dogs and cats.
They are perfect for apartments or small homes.
They come in tons of different colors (my favorite is dapple) as well as both long hair and short. So you have lots of choices.


Many are known to not like small children.
They are known to bark a lot.
Some become possessive over their owners and belongings.
They are at more of a risk for back injuries which can result in hind paralysis. They also are prone to other spine injuries so you must avoid putting them in situations in which they can harm their spine.
They are known to get cataracts.
They are prone to obesity due to their size and propensity for hypothyroidism. (you need to be comfortable with food control and possibly obtaining a special diet for your pet which can be expensive).

Dachshunds are beautiful dogs that are very intelligent and loyal. They are terrific lap dogs that also love to play (just not too rough). They may not be the best choice for homes with small children, but that is a generalization and not all are like that. They are perfect dogs for apartments or small homes and will be lifelong companions (often a good choice for older couples due to their low maintenance and companionship). They do have some characteristic health problems to consider, but all breeds do.

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