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Dachshunds AREN'T for Everyone


Posted November 6, 2008

Dachshunds are great little dogs, but they aren't for everyone.  They are very tenacious little beasts, and they have minds of their own.  It takes some compromise to live with a doxie, for example, most won't go outside in the rain or the snow.  Would you want to if your chest was 1 inch from the ground?  You can either clean up puddles or provide them with an alternative such as a potty pad inside, or access to a covered porch or other dry place.  They are not generally good with small children.  In Rescue, we hear the same story all the time:  the dog was great until we had a baby and the kid turned 1.  Doxies will defend themselves if they are manhandled, even by an unknowing child.  I don't recommend a doxie for a family with kids under the age of 7 or for a young person who is planning on children in the next 10 years.  Doxies are prone to expensive back problems.  Because the spine is long and not well supported, about 20% of the dogs will have spinal problems.  This is a very expensive issue which can run $5000-7000 for surgery, plus rehab, accupunture, medications and whatever other interventions are tried.  Some dogs will have multiple surgeries in their lifetime.  When surgery is unsuccessful. K9 carts are a great option.  Eddies Wheels makes wheelchairs that custom fit the dog and allow them to have mobility.  Some ways to minimize the chances of back problems are to keep the dog slim, support the whole body when picking the dog up, carry them up/down stairs and teach them not to jump.  Many doxie homes have ramps for the dogs to use to reach the couch or bed.  Doxies also tend to have a lot of tarter on their teeth and will require regular dental care.  Dental cleanings can run up to $300 depending on your area. Now for the good news....dachshunds are loyal, loving, comical....They tend to be very food oriented and you need to watch the diet since excess weight will lead to back problems.  They love squeeky toys and will usually destuff them to get at the squeeker.  The smooth coat dogs like to burrow under blankets to sleep, the longer haired coats are less likely to do that.  Doxies can have a stong prey drive and like to chase small animials, and that may include your cat or bird.  They also like to watch out the window and bark at things.  They are good watch dogs since many have a deep chest which makes their bark sound like a big dog's even though they weigh all of 15lbs.  Smooth coat doxies don't shed hardly at all and have a coat that is easy to maintain. Wirehairs and Long hairs do shed some, but don't "blow their coat" like some breeds.  Doxies are generally great with other doxies and with small breeds like chihuahuas and minpins.  Many do not like big dogs though, and will bark and try to pick a fight.  In their heart, doxies think they are big dogs despite their outside appearance.  Kind of like the Tardus.  Doxies are one of the more difficult dogs to train, but it can be done.  Part of their charm is how they train YOU to live with THEM.  The reason I started living with dachshunds is because I've never seen anyone who can look at one without smiling.  Trotting along with head high, little legs pumping away, just enjoying life, they will stop traffic and calls of "weiner dog", "hot dog" and "2 dogs long, half a dog high" float in the air.  Having a dog is a lifetime responsibility and doxies can live to be 17-19 years old.  This is a special, quirky little breed and if you are a doxie person all the doxies know it!  If you are interested in a dachshund, please consider rescuing a dog from a local group or from a shelter.  Second choice should be a reputable breeder.  Please don't buy from pet stores, that just prolongs the tragedy of puppy mills.  And please spay or neuter!!! www.mwdr.org

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