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My review of the Dachshund


Posted October 22, 2012

My experience with the Dachshund began about 10 years ago, when Buddy was thrown from a moving vehicle on a 55mph highway. Miraculously, he was uninjured aside from a few scrapes. This is the beginning of my story of Buddy the Bionic Dachshund. Really, he is superhuman (super canine?) Buddy came to me in a tumultuous time in my life. Things were changing, things were painful, and here was this scrappy little farm dog. He knew I needed him. Buddy was by my side through everything, but buddy also caused me a lot of stress as well!

Throughout his life, he has done several things that I just cant explain. To begin with, Buddy was thrown (or leapt) from a moving vehicle, another instance he chewed through a cyclone fence, pulled carpet from the baseboards, broke through a glass window, was picked up by AC when found 6 MILES from home on the playground of an elementary school and spent a night in the pound, his final, greatest feat- he is nearly 17 years old and doing perfectly fine! Healthy as a horse!

Buddy is a fabulous dog. He loves other dogs, he doesnt bark much, hes ok with children tugging on him. He has that amazing canine ability to know when his humans need his love. He took a while to calm down, from his prior "free spirit" (although unsafe) life. He is just an amazing dog.

My experiences with them as a breed: I find them to be a bit toy obsessed, great catchers of anything crawly, friendly little dogs. Our other dachshund was a little aggressive with other animals, but not horribly so. I might not trust a doxie with children unless they were older, but would not trust any children with a dachshund, due to their fragile backs! Aside from potential back problems, I have found them to be hearty.

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