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Nicky - The Barking Dachschund


Maryland, United States

Posted September 21, 2012

We acquired our Dachshund, Nicky, when my son was about six years old. Nicky came from a hobby breeder and was one of a large litter. He was a shorthaired tan-colored male, with a full pedigree.

Nicky was always full of energy, from day one. He was very difficult to paper train and caused us a lot of anxiety in that department. On the other hand, he was a very affectionate and loving little guy and my son absolutely adored him!
One of the main problems we had with Nicky was his barking. Whenever we would leave the house, he would bark and just cry and cry. We talked to trainers, friends, relatives other dog owners, but none of their suggestions or techniques worked on Nicky. He was just born to bark!

We were living in a townhouse when we first got Nicky, and our next-door neighbor filed a “barking” complaint with the County. We had to go to doggie court and we were told that if we couldn’t make Nicky stop the barking that we either had to muzzle him or get rid of him…imagine, muzzling that little guy! Not to mention that my son would have been crushed if we had to give Nicky away. Very shortly after that, our neighbor and her husband divorced and sold their townhouse, and we had just bought a house, ourselves, so nothing more came of the barking edict.

Like all dachshunds, Nicky loved to run and chase things, and he had an attention span of two seconds; but he was a sweet and gentle dog. I remember being upset one day, and I was sitting on the stairs, crying. All of a sudden, I felt a cold, wet nose on my neck…it was Nicky trying to console me as best he could.

In later years, like many of his breed, Nicky developed a weight problem, which had an effect on his health. Nicky was a good pet, who was loving and playful and who loved to bark! Would I get another dachshund someday? Absolutely!

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