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Fred and Ethel had a bit of a tumble!


Virginia, United States

Posted July 31, 2012

Meet Fred and Ethel. A bonded pair of eight year old doxies who have been raised together since birth. They came to me about three years ago after their owner, my neighbor, passed away in a trucking accident. He was an Over-the-Road Truck Driver whose constant travel companions were these two little pups. They have seen the entire lower forty-eight states. Unfortunately, they were in the cab when the truck overturned, and their master was killed. They were not found inside the truck for two days, after the truck had been towed to a junk yard. Scared, confused, and hungry, his wife picked them up and asked me to take them in, temporarily, since I have a large horse and cattle farm. Three years later, they are still here...and can stay here for the rest of their lives.

Having grown up in a truck, the farm was like an Amusement Park for them. Cows, horses, cats, other dogs, acres of grass to run in....they were like "kids in a candy store". I get so much joy just watching them have fun here. How could I send them away?

My nieces and nephews love them. And the other animals have adopted them as family instantly. It's as if they all knew of the trauma they had faced in the truck that day...and said "Welcome home".

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