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Dachshund - the perfect couch snuggler


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Posted June 28, 2016

Jax loves to be loved! He loves getting attention, especially from HIS human. When I come home from work and finally go to sit down on the couch, the first thing he will do is jump up, run behind me, then nuzzle and push my arm up so his head is under my arm. Even though it's him who wants the attention, it's nice to know he loves me that much he's willing to force me to snuggle him!

He tends to get super excitable when he first greets people - any people, including us. So we have learned that we can't bend down to pet him or pick him up until he has had time to jump and sniff around and calm himself down. If we go to reach for him before, he tends to pee because he's so excited, even if he was just outside. The vet said that this is normal in many dogs and many other dogs don't do this, so it may not even be a breed thing...

Jax tends to get very overprotective and/or stubborn. Yes, we all want our dogs to protect us or our children. However, I have had to work overtime at getting Jax not to growl or snap at my husband or kids for taking him off my feet when laying on the couch to put him to bed. We have had the same problem when he finds his way into our daughter's room and lays in her bed. When we got anywhere near her room, he would begin growling and barking, then would continue even when he saw it was one of us. I would have to go in and sit on the foot of her bed and let him come to me before I could remove him.

Jax seems to play okay with other animals of his size. His sister (a different, mixed breed) is slightly bigger than he and they get along fine. In fact they love to rough house with each other. So when he is introduced to other small dogs, he thinks they all like to play like that. However, he seems to get very upset and scared around bigger animals. I'm sure if he had the time to get used to one, it would be fine, but I just have not wanted to force him to go through that long enough to find out.

He loves playing with the kids. While he is definitely a mama's boy, when the kids get going with him, he will run around, roll around and wrestle with the best of them. And he has always had very good instincts about how rough was too rough with which person. He will play harder with my husband than he seems to with our 7 year old daughter.

Lastly, he is my favorite snuggle buddy when vegging out on the couch. He will come over and just lay on me. He does not get fidgety, he lets me pet him however and whenever I want while he is there, and he will spend HOURS laying there if that's how long I am there. Even if I try to roll over or something, he only moves his head long enough to roll with me!

I love my Jaxy :)

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