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Florida, United States

Posted November 5, 2011

I have lived with two Dachshunds, one was my own. Both were lazy and could be possessive of their food/treats but aside from that were loyal and lovable. Both of them were chow hounds and would eat anything they thought MIGHT be food. This caused some stomach issues but nothing requiring Vet assistance.

I have heard that they are hard to train but I did not find this to be true of my Dachshund. I started training her as a puppy and had no problems at all. She would come when called and could do some tricks. She was so well behaved that she did not require a leash when going outside for the bathroom, I would never have dreamed of doing that with any other dogs I have had or currently have.

She was very independent and would not mind not having contact with people some days. Occasionally it was hard to get her to leave the comfort of pillows and blankets in her crate. She was a very lazy dog. This breed would be good for some one in an apartment or an elderly person. Dachshunds should not climb stairs or jump on and off furniture if possible as their long backs and short legs can make it dangerous for both coordination and possible injury.

She did not have any major health issues but did have a sensitivity to some vaccines, which I was told at the time is not abnormal in the breed.

She did not really want to interact much with our other dogs and did not generally care about strangers either. I am told this is also not unusual for this breed. I would recommend a Dachshund for a single dog or Dachshund-only household.

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