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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

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Tough Dachshund


United States

Posted April 21, 2016

My girlfriend and I were walking through the mall one day and we saw that the Humane Society was offering adoptions. We already had a basset hound, but my girl fell in love with this little dachshund. Her coat was a mixture of black and grey, the lady from the humane society said that she was a dapple dachshund. Regardless, we adopted her and took her home.

The dog was immediately attached to my girlfriend. Not in a bad way, she just went everywhere with her. She was housebroken rather quickly and was very intelligent. Usually very obedient, but sometimes I think she just didn’t care what we were telling her to do. I got the sense at times that she knew exactly what I was talking about, but she just chose to do something else.

She is a loyal protector of my girlfriend and her daughter. She does anything to happen to either of them. If she even got the sense that anything was to rough she is not afraid to show her teeth. She is of course very little, but if the situation demanded a guard, she was in. She is a tough little thing. She is usually very energetic, but is not difficult to have in a small place. She does hate it when we left the house though. She barks quite a bit.

This is not a dog that will break the bank as far as purchasing food goes either. She eats very little, so dog food will last a bit longer. One thing to note about the food is that we had to buy dry dog food that was specifically for a tiny dog. As, I said we had the basset hound too, but the dachshund could not eat his food. She just couldn’t chew it cause it was too big.

My girlfriend and I are not together any longer, but she still has the dachshund. I am told that she is s loyal as ever and still very healthy after 8 years.

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