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My dachshund!


LV, Latvia

Posted February 25, 2016

We got our dachshund 6 years ago by accident. We were looking for a dog and when the opportunity came, we accepted it immediately. As we feed him with fresh meat, porridges and healthy food, he has grown up big and muscular. He is a bit stubborn and very jealous of everything but he's very nice, loves kids and other dogs. dachshund is a very good breed for people who live in apartments and small places, but dogs need a bit of running. at weekends and in summers we live in the countryside and as we have no fence, our dog goes around hunting, running and sniffing everything, but he always comes back after an hour or two. He needs his space and adventures, but he is very reliable. Everybody can get a daschund, because the dog will adapt to the person. Our dog is cheerful and energetic because our family is like that. However, with a poor diet and a lack of movement these dogs can get fat easily and have problems with spine. Even though our dog was healthy, he got a crack in his spinal cord and his hinder legs were partially paralised. With the help of doctors and medicine he can walk again now, but the threat of complete hinder leg paralise is always there. It is a genetical desease but you can't know about it untill it happens. Other than that, if you treat your dog well, he will be nice and a good family member who will love you with all their little heart!

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