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me and my friend tuffy


250001, India

Posted January 29, 2016

when my black labradore deceased I was very upset for weeks and then my uncle gifted me TUFFY, a dachshund bitch. At that time she was just 1 month old, when he opened the door of the car she ran straight into my house and was running madly here and there . It was very difficult for me to hold her in my arms as she was full of energy all the time and as she was set free she would rush to the main gate and try to get out on the road. the design of our main gate was such that she with a little struggle could get out of it. I could not tie her to some strap due to her little cute size.
She was too mischievous and naughty that she used to tickle everyone in my family in there feet while they were sitting or standing. Yes she was stubborn, alot moody, if she didn't want to walk she would spread like anything on the floor, if she didn't want to eat she would not eat for many hours. The best thing was that she was very good with children and played with them like their toy and sometimes mastered them. She was so specific about persons that she treated them in the way they need to be treated. she always pooped and peed outside as once she did it inside and i scolded her alot. She was my bestest buddy with whom I could talk for hours and she would carefully listen with her head in my lap. Now as most of the times I m out of my home so she is with one of my friend and I visit her whenever I am home.

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