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Cupid Stole my Heart


United States

Posted December 27, 2015

Cupid was a gift. He was a beautiful dappled color with striking blue eyes. By far one of the most beautiful animals I have ever seen to this day. We got Cupid as a pup from a breeder. He was small and energetic. This breed can be very vocal if you dont allow them plenty of exercise. Cupids vice was his love of digging holes. I swear he had a mine going in the yard with the way he dug after things. Bit this is a common flaw with the breed. They live for the digging. Cupid was loving and got along with everyone and everything for the most part. But could get snappy with children if they were too rough. Dachshunds have very delicate spines and they get grumpy if any kind of pressure or roughness comes in contact with them in that area. As long as you have a gentle touch you should be fine. If you have small children I suggest waiting on this breed until your little ones can grasp the concept of being gentle and not picking the dog up improperly. Cupid loved water and mud and all assortment of outside things. I recall once he and my son played in the rain until they were living mudballs. But both child and dog seemed the happiest in their lives getting so dirty. The short hair of the Dachshund make grooming a breeze as there is nothing to brushing them or bathing them. Just be mindful of the loppy ears of adorable. They are very sensitive. I found this breed to be easily excited but eager to please most of the time. We lost our dear Cupid to a snake bite, he defended the children from it and the vet could not save him in time. We miss him dearly. But if not for him one of the kids could have been in his place so our sweet Cupid died a hero in my book and I will always miss him.

Below the first photo is of him. The second is of oggie another Dachshund I fostered who was elderly. He was a lazy hoot. Who enjoyed being curled up on the loveseat most of the time. He was slightly more anti social than cupid. But still a very gentle dog. Oggie I am happy to say found his furever home and was doing wonderfully last I heard.

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