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Posted October 19, 2015

My family got Mo (short for 'Woofgang Imadogus Muttzart) when I was just a child. He was a short-haired, miniature, red Dachshund and we adored him. My first sight of him was as a tiny, curled up puppy in my mother's palm when I got off the bus. What a great Christmas present!

Mo was very attached to 'his' people. He was tolerant but not warm with strangers. The tolerance developed only after fervent barking and our own demonstrations of approval. Mo barked a lot, not only at intruders to his territory, but at other dogs who dared to appear on the same walking routes. I've met other dachshunds who are more friendly with strangers than Mo was, so it might just be that we got a unique purebred.

His favorite activity was sunning himself on the deck, the yard, and -- in the winter -- behind our wood stove. Mo had a perpetual tan on his belly.

Mo wasn't stupid, but he was very stubborn. Although he understood our commands, ultimately it was up to him whether he'd obey. That's the number one common personality trait among dachshunds: their stubbornness!

For example, he was pretty well house-trained, unless we were away for several hours. Unlike our larger dog, Mo had no moral qualms about pooping on the carpet. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Since he was a short-hair, grooming was incredibly easy. We hardly needed to bathe him, and he didn't shed much of a coat in winter. Since dachshunds are long, they can end up with back problems as they age. That happened twice with Mo. :( He lost mobility in his back legs. Although he was able to recover, it was an expensive and scary time.

Ultimately, though, if you like strong-willed dogs with a lot of loyalty, this little guys make great companions. I still miss my Mo.

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