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United States

Posted September 13, 2015

I still remember the day we bought this little, beautiful puppy. She just stood amongst all of her brothers and sisters. We were so excited when we brought her home and she just loved to play with us. We even argued over whom she liked more (she chose my mom). Our puppy was relatively easy to potty train and she quickly learned all the cool tricks. However, as she got older, she definitely started changing in personality. She had health issues, mostly made by bad meal choices given to her by other family members, which caused weight gain and kidney issues. She also became hugely territorial in our home and even around the neighborhood. She would growl if you got too close to anything she deemed as hers, even snapping at you if you didn't heed her warning. She also terrorized other dogs in the neighborhood, even ones 3x larger than her. She was a very dominant female and didn't do well with any behavior modification that was attempted. We just had to learn to work around her moods because there were times when she was just like a puppy again, all sweet and loving. She also suffered from epilepsy which I feel may have contributed to her behavioral problems. We eventually had to put her down at the age of 13 due to her failing health. Now, would I recommend this breed to others? Yes, I would as long as you don't have small children that will invade its space because it will bite. Also, dachshunds need lots of attention and lots of exercise so you will need to be fairly active yourself and willing to give them your attention or they will destroy things around your home. If your home meets these basic requirements, then, by all means, this could be the dog for you.

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