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Sissi — Short Haired Dachshund


65123, Italy

Posted September 11, 2015

My family purchased her from a breeder almost eleven years ago, when she was just a puppy. She was our first dog and we didn't know anything about Dachshunds (their temperament, their health and so on). Everything I know about her, I learned it from direct experience.

From the very start she's always been playful, extremely curious and quite stubborn (we never managed to teach her any tricks, but then again I wasn't that great of a trainer and neither was my family! She still sleeps on my bed to this day). Dachshunds can be hard to manage due to their stubborness and tendence to be aggressive towards strangers, but my overall experience with her has been fantastic, and I wouldn't change her with any other dog in the world.

The good about Dachshunds:
They're very devoted and protective towards their owners, and love company. They are playful and curious, and love to chase stuff (even if mine never retrieved anything). Of course they need to exercise, but for my dog a walk or a little run have always been just enough. They don't need too much brooming. She's had puppies once, and through the whole pregnancy she's never encountered a single problem; when labor began, her instincts took over and we didn't have to intervene at all. She gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies.

The bad about Dachshunds:
They bark. A lot. They will bark at other people, dogs, animals, anything that moves or makes a sound, and they can be very loudy. They tend to be standoffish towards strangers, and this can get a little frustrating sometimes. When you walk them, they may challenge a larger dog and put themselves in danger. Due to their long spinal column, dachshunds also tend to suffer from spinal problems (my dog suffers from backache from time to time).

Dachshunds are not for everyone who's not willing to take care of them, and be patient when they behave their worst; anyway, with a little effort they can be great companions.

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