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Posted September 4, 2015

Before I got married I lived with a roommate that owned two of these wiener dog types, and they were also the type that started my STRONG dislike of small/toy dog breeds. These were yappy little dogs that would howl at everything, were incredibly temperamental, and demanded constant attention. Not really my cup of tea, and I’ll give you a few reasons why:

A) These dogs require constant attention. I remember they used to follow me everywhere if I was the only person home, even into the bathroom (which I find creepy and used to drive me nuts). They hated to be left alone for any period of time and would howl when I closed the door to the bathroom on them.

B) They were very ‘emotional’ dogs. They would get over excited when anyone would come into the house. The number of times they got so excited by visitors they urinated all over… I can still smell it on the floors and my pants when I think about it. Also, they are another of those breeds that get jealous when you give another dog or person ‘too much’ attention.

C) On the positive side they are a really friendly breed. I mean they did like to bark at visitors, but they did that while jumping all over them begging for attention. They also got along with other dog breeds really well too.

So if you want a dog breed that requires constant attention, is highly emotional, but very friendly then this breed is probably right for you. One thing to look out for is that they do get health issues later in life. My old roommate was telling me a while back that they both are developing back issues. But aside from that I think they were pretty healthy overall.

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