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Posted August 26, 2015

I acquired my dachshund a bit unexpectedly. A lady at a local flea market was walking around selling her dachshund puppies when it was still allowed. She had mostly red ones, but I spotted Scrappy, who was the only one that had a black coat and also the only one that was quietly observing me. It was because of this that I picked him. I was still a teenager a the time, so I asked my mom to buy him for me, and she couldn't help it either. We ended up being a proud dachshund family after that day. He is a lovable, loyal, brave little dog that I had an immediate connection with. I have learned:

1. They are loud dogs: If you live in an apartment, beware. We lived in an apartment at the time, but many of the residents were also dog owners. Because of this, it wasn't really a big deal that ours was talkative...and Scrappy talked a lot.

2. They are prone to overeating. If the food is there, they will beg. They are masters at sitting quietly by your feet at the stove and giving you soulful, pitiful eyes as you cook your food.

3. They are loyal. Dachshunds usually attach themselves firmly to one member of the family, but have fierce devotion to the family as a whole.

4. They are territorial and naturally dominant. They are quick to take on larger dogs and also quick to dominate smaller dogs. Their territorial behavior and dominance doesn't just stop at dogs. Before my husband and I actually got married, Scrappy, who was used to being the only one to sleep with me, started peeing on my husband's side of the bed, on his shoes, and on his clothes when he had the chance.

4. Digging behavior can be a problem. If you are considering a dachshund, be sure that you have plenty of attention to give them, and toys.

5. They like to run! They like to be chased and just run free. Scrappy led me on many impromptu, cardio-filled adventures.

6. They love toys! Especially toys they can tug or squeak. Scrappy eventually started to let me know he wanted to play by taking his toy and running it across my feet.

In my humble opinion, dachshunds are wonderful dogs. They are spunky, lovable dogs and they can be quite goofy! Even though I had no clue what I was getting into when I got Scrappy, I wouldn't trade him now for the world.

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