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Acquired: Pet store

Gender: Female

Training: I haven't learned care / training techniques

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United States

Posted August 23, 2015

When I got Arabella, she was a puppy, and we had 2 other dogs at the time (both now gone). She adjusted to new surroundings very quickly, though the breed does tend to pick one person in the home as their very own, I was this person. She has always been real social with cats, but with other dogs as she got older, she tried to fight with them. She drew blood a few times, and we had to be very mindful of her interactions with them. Bella loves to go under the furniture, which to be honest, is something you should try to avoid. They get under there scratching their backs and refusing to come out and if you are not careful, it only takes a short time with such sparse fur for them to have bald or raw spots. It took us a summer to learn this, a summer in which we had to take her to the vet for antibiotics. We had tried to keep her out, but they are smart little dogs and will most likely find ways around. One of the main things that worries me, is a lot of people say they a lot of times develop back problems. I haven't encountered this yet, but the way she plays, I can see it being a possibility in the future, though I pray we are one of the lucky ones. Overall, she is a sweet dog, that learned potty training very quickly with actually very little help from me. She is great with cats and I will be lost without her when that day comes.

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