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Texas, United States

Posted July 16, 2015

We got our sweet dachshund, Muffin, when she was about 6 weeks old. She quickly became a real member of our family. I should note that we treat our dogs as dogs and not as babies so we had rules for Muffin: no begging at the table, no sleeping in the beds, and she was very quickly housebroken (very easy to do with her) and learned to bark to be let out before we had a doggie door. She was very loving and concerned, friendly to family and friends and appropriately suspicious of strangers but obeyed when told to back down. She loved to "sing along" whenever anyone played the piano. Muffin was a quick learner and responded to gentle discipline (we never hit or humiliate our dogs). She was good with children. Muffin had a long life and died in her sleep.

Pros of owning a dachshund:
House dog
Great Traveler
Easy to groom
Good with children

Tendency to eat anything left out if she could reach it especially the trash. (keep trash locked up for all dachshunds).
Also, since dachshunds will eat everything, they have a tendency to gain weight if their food isn't monitored. Weight gain is bad for their backs.
Protective nature sometimes made her bark incessantly at nocturnal animals outside - in the middle of the night.
Muffin liked to charge at skunks. :(
Lots of stairs and jumping on and off couches not good for a dachshund's back.
Would pee in excitement when greeting someone just coming home or in the door.

Note: All the dachshunds I've known or lived with need attention and affection. This is NOT an animal that enjoys being left alone for long periods of time. They do best with a regular schedule and human contact and affection. In addition, they all did the pee on the floor thing when greeting people, no matter if they'd been taken out recently. Keep paper towels nearby. But so sweet and funny. You will fall in love!

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