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United States

Posted June 21, 2015

My personal experience with my Dotson may vary from others, naturally. I say this due to the fact that Batman, although full blood, was the runt of the litter. He was given to me due to my pleas of desperation when I found out he was unwanted just because of this. Batman is one of the sweetest dogs you could meet. He is very friendly with everyone. Certainly knows no strangers. At the same time, he is extremely fidgety. He can NOT sit still. Seems to lack much of an attention span though that could be my fault as his owner due to my lack of knowledge in training. He is quick to bark and quick to charge out the doggy door after the slightest noise. He eats all the time, and steals the cats food, despite my best efforts to stop this habit. As far as grooming goes, I don't have to get his hair trimmed or anything. I trim his nails myself at home though I admit this is no easy feat due to his lack of staying still. He seems to ALWAYS stink. It doesn't matter how much I bathe him or what I give him a bath with. It seems like as soon as he gets a bath he goes outside and rolls in something dead. He's been great with other pets. He lets my cat give him baths and they sleep together. He is wonderful with children he is around. He is great with my ten month old son. Children he isn't usually around he gets a bit nervous with and I have to let him outside for a bit until the guests leave. He has been great as an inside/outside dog. He was easy to train to go out on his own to potty. Very lovable and quickly became a lapdog.

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