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My dachshund is his own best friend


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Posted May 8, 2015

Oscar gets very excited when I get home from work. So I can feed him. He loves to spend time with me in the kitchen. In case I drop anything. He loves to snuggle under the covers at night. Because he gets cold easily. Yeah, it's like that. I am his servant, he is the cat of all dogs. He is an incredibly talented mouser too. He can find and rid the premises of a rodent in record time. He is my hero in the mouse department.
Oscar is a piebald dachshund, my son wanted something a little different. his mother was 8 lbs, his father was 6 lbs. Oscar is 20.
When we got him, I was the program director at a day program for people with dementia and he went to work with me every day. The old folks loved him and he was terrific with them. The first command he ever learned was "no bite" as I couldn't have him puppy teething on the thin skin of my clients. I'm pretty sure it is the only command he has ever listened to on a regular basis. My boss had a new grandbaby that visited often and Oscar would nap on a blanket on the floor with him. He was, and still is, excellent with people. Unless you drop food and he steals it. Then he will defend his "prize", not good. I have the scar to prove it.
The dachshunds instincts are VERY strong. They hunt, they are obsessive when they find prey, and they are protective of their kills. Even if the "kill" is a hot dog, lol. Oscar finds a secluded spot to hide "treasures" - anything he pilfers goes there. Empty wrappers, pencils, toys, any item that he thinks you give value to, he will take, hide and protect. If it is in his "territory" it is very clearly his. I can take away his food in his dish, but there is not a chance that I would take away something he stole. Something very different in his mind between what I give and what he steals.
Housebreaking. Well, buy a Bissell before you buy a dachshund. I trained him to ring bells hanging from a door from day 1. I have never failed to go to the door when I hear the bells. Unfortunately, I have successfully trained him to call me. Often. And usually to clean up the mess on the carpet. He will use puppy pads, if I put down enough...like 20, he will usually hit them.
He has no willingness to please at all. Really. None. If he had a middle finger, I would see it a lot.
And he has allergies. To what you ask? We have no idea. But he has an emphysema like cough that is controlled finally after 5+ years of trying med combos.
But...bottom line. We love him beyond all reason, he is my dysfunctional best bud. And I will never have to buy a mousetrap. :)

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