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Posted May 1, 2015

We adopted our dachshund about 12 years ago from a small breeder. We chose a dachshund because my parents owned one. I suffer from allergies and the short haired dachshunds do not bother my allergies. My wife wanted a small dog that she could baby. We found both in our wonderful dog.

Chaucer and his litter mate were the last of the litter to be adopted. We adopted one and our friends the other. The moment we saw these little puppies we fell in love. From his first days, Chaucer was a lap dog. He always wanted to be in your lap, pressed against your leg, or cuddled up in your arms. He loves attention. He is also very small so it is easy, even comfortable snuggling companion.

Chaucer is fiercely loyal. He knows my wife and myself and wants to be with us, even when others want to play with him. After a month long trip, Chaucer as a puppy recognized my wife in a crowded room and ran to her - it made my wife's year!

Chaucer is a short-haired fawn colored dachshund. We wash him regularly, once every other week, but he rarely has a smell. On a few occasions, he will find a particular odor in the yard and roll in it.

Chaucer has a great temperament. He is very sweet and loving. He is very loyal. He will bark at anything in the yard and his bark seems far too loud for a dog his size. More than once his bark frightened an invited guest from behind a door. We know anytime someone approaches the house.

House breaking a dachshund is difficult. It takes more time and energy than other breeds. These dogs can be stubborn. We try to keep the dogs on a loose schedule for walks and treats and they do well.

Chaucer is a bit territorial when it comes to toys. He collects them, piles them, lays with them, takes them everywhere. He learned to play fetch at 4-5 months old. This is unique to Chaucer - the other dachshunds I have met are not toy aggressive.

A word of caution to anyone looking to adopt a dachshund - We have left our dog with several different families. They have all, in turn, adopted dachshunds. Theses wonderful dogs are infectious. They are wonderful, loving animals. Ideal pets.

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