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The "Badger Dog"


United Kingdom

Posted March 12, 2015

Sausage dogs are comical clowns; they love to play games and have a great sense of humour. They are loyal, little dogs, very attached to their family, and they firmly believe that sleeping under the bed-covers is one of their basic canine rights.

Dachshunds do often attract devoted followers who would never consider having any other breed. Dachshunds are often kept in pairs (like they are with me), which is fine with them, since they seem to recognize and prefer being with other dogs of their breed. They are incredibly sociable dogs.

They're usually good with other family pets, too, but they can be a tad jealous when they want attention and they can be possessive of their toys. You need to put a firm stop to the first signs of jealousy or possessiveness so that these don't become bad habits. This is fairly easy to do, as they will respond quickly to attention.

Though Dachshunds make a great house dog, they do need daily walks (on a leash - they will take advantage of their freedom) and plenty of companionship. Loneliness will lead to excessive barking.

Though bright and clever, Dachshunds like to do things their own way. In other words: they're stubborn. Cheerful praise and treats should be offered freely, as Dachsies are proud little dogs who resist force. They become irritable when pushed too far, and they may respond defensively (growling or snapping) if jerked around, handled harshly, or teased.

Other behavioral problems? Well, the Dachshund's hunting and tunneling instincts may lead to holes being dug in your garden. Also, housebreaking may go slowly, as many Dachshunds don't like to go outside in cold or wet weather. A covered potty yard is recommended, if possible.

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