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The Overattached, Loud, Loving, Not So Much Wiener Guard Dog



Posted February 28, 2015

As the title suggests, my Luther, a Dashund, is a very complex wiener dog. We got him when he was only a few weeks old at a local pet store. I find that dashunds have become very popular around here, considering his cousin lives just up the road and his brother lives a few blocks away.

Luther is very, very... did I say very? very playful dog. He loves any and all attention he can get and he will find any way to get it. We babied him a bit more than we should have, but you gotta love him. Although he is very playful and acts like a baby, his natural dashund traits are often found. He is just as much stubborn as he is playful and he is a natural hunting dog. These are traits that are part of the dashund breed.

I could go on for hours about his personality, but I don't think we have enough patience for that. Luther is relatively chubby for a wiener dog. Most of the other dogs around here, compared to Luther, are tiny. He loves to eat! He is not overweight, so don't worry. He is also very healthy, but we do find ourselves taking him to the vet at least 2-3 times a year for his ears. He seems to get ear infections often, which is worrisome but we're told it is normal. It is due to the weather changes.

Luther is affectionate with everyone. Whether they be young or old, Luther loves them. This is probably because he loves the attention. But he is always super friendly which other people and other dogs. With smaller animals, like cats or guinea pigs.... not so much. Luther has a tendency to play too rough with them, which is unfortunate. This is only because he wants to play not because he is trying to hurt them.

Grooming wise, Luther is very easy. He is short-furred. So a simple bath every month or sometimes earlier (depending if he has been playing in mud) is all that is needed. His nails are cut every week or two.

Personally, I say if you are looking for a small dog, go for a dashund. I love Luther so much. I couldn't imagine my world without him. I feel as though he has changed the way I see the world around me.

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