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Fonzie & Roscoe


United States

Posted February 3, 2015

I have horses and I bought these two littermates from a breeder at a cutting horse auction in 2003. I had worked with mini Dachshunds before, when we showed AKC, and always liked them. These two are long haired dapples, which is a color I LOVE although you seldom see them at shows.
These two are perfect because they aren't timid and they love horses. Amazingly, they always seem to be close around the horses, but they've never been kicked or stepped on. They are very smart, but not always interested in whether you are pleased with their behavior. They're independent, but are usually always close to me. I don't like clinging, active or needy dogs and these guys are perfect. They are content to be near me, but don't always have to be on top of me. They are very solid and confident in temperament.
I keep them clipped in the summer, but they are small and it isn't expensive. In the winter they like the snow and the cold weather. They are generally very quiet except when they want something and they are very good at making their needs known.
They are not great with small animals. They have grown up with cats and do well with them, but they did get into the neighbor's chicken coop once and they have gone after other small animals. Outside they are fearless, even after snakes. They dig randomly in the spring when the ground is soft, but they have never dug out of the yard. It seems to be more from amusement than purpose.
I find them to be solid, quiet companions that enrich my life and I'm glad I have them.

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