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Ferocious Flash


Miami, Florida, United States

Posted December 13, 2014

Flash when first purchased was adorable, loving, and every pet owners dream. After a year or so things began to change with Flash. He began to act very territorial, jealous, and would be aggressive towards all except his owner, Nicole. Flash went as far as to bite Nicole's husband on the cheek sending him to the hospital for stiches. No one could be around Nicole when Flash was around. He would attack, chase and not allow any one near her, especially her husband. To me it sounded like the perfect case for Caesar Milan! Nicole could not have visitors over unless he was locked up in one of the rooms in her home, but when alone with Nicole he was a sweetheart. Not being very obedient, he would urinate in undesirable places and not follow commands. Usually Dachshunds are very good family pets, this is a special case where Nicole did not take the time to train Flash. Being very possessive of their owners is a common trait of his breed. At this point, all she can do with him is enjoy his loyalty and attempt to crate train him. He is a beautiful animal. Healthy and strong and obviously a great guard dog. He does not compare to the average Dachshund who are usually perfect for households without children and from my experience male Dachshunds tend to be more protective and aggressive towards strangers. All in all this breed are great companions and protector to adult owners. I recommend for those who are interested in owning Dachshunds to train them and surround them in a very social environment from the very beginning.

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