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The Dachshund Who Stole My Heart


United States

Posted December 3, 2014

The first time I saw that dachshund puppy I fell in love. His cream body was covered in dark tan spots. His eyes...they looked into you as if he were trying to communicate the things that his long mouth couldn't speak. They were light green and wise. His twin brother was the complete opposite of him-black and brown and obedient. This one though, behind the green eyes there was a sparkle of mischief. I have been told I have that same sparkle in my eyes. I decided to name him Raspberry.

He was smart, but stubborn dog. As a puppy, he had his own mind and own way of wanting to do things. Sometimes he and I had to get on the same eye level in order to understand each other. Eventually, the stubborn phase passed with patient training and the occasional pat on the rump (for him not me). We learned each others ways. I learned that he needed a certain level of freedom to do his dog business. He learned that I expected him to come when called and to not tear up every toy given to him. The puppy days were full of laughs, frustrations. As he grew, he developed a strong sense of protection for the family. Hardly the quiet type, he was always quick to alert us to stranger on the home front. I guess night was his type to practice his barking skills on the rabbits that were foraging for food. He picked up new tricks easily. Once he decided to be obedient, he stuck with it.

I loved this dog. He was sweet, just as his name implied, with a little bit of tart. Perfect, all the same.

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