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Posted November 14, 2014

Dachshunds are a great breed, but they are tough for a lot of people to work with. Many people don't realize that they are actually one of the top breeds for the most aggressive tendencies. This doesn't mean they're bad dogs, it's just that most owners don't bother training them to not be that way because they're little and it's not as big of a deal as it is when say, a German Shepherd is aggressive. Dachshunds can't do a whole lot of damage.
That being said, I don't recommend them to someone who doesn't want to train their dog consistently. I'm a dog trainer, and the other trainer I work with has dachshunds. One used to be her demo dog, and she's extremely well behaved. It's not impossible, and you get an amazing dog when you put the work in. They are usually very treat motivated, making things easier.
Potty training tends to be an issue with dachshunds, I recommend either finding a good trainer or becoming really informed and prepared to do the ultimate potty training right when you get your puppy so you can hopefully just start off on the right foot and not have any issues. I've been told that they respond well to the potty bell technique (hanging bells by the door for them to ring when they need to go out). Barking is another issue, and this one again would be much easier to control if you start training right away.
It's very important to socialize them as much as possible, as it is with every dog. My grandmother did a great job with her dachshund, she took and still takes her everywhere and Maggie isn't aggressive or anxious, she's a natural at being out places. However, she still barks when people come to my grandma's. She stops a lot sooner than some other dachshunds I know but she will always be an alarm system, so if you want any hope of controlling the barking in a way your dog actually understands (as in not a bark collar) you should start socializing right away, and a lot.
Grooming isn't too much of a hassle unless you have a long-haired dachshund. My grandmother has a long-haired, and she has to get regular haircuts and brushing to avoid knots. The only health concerns I've heard that is more common is back issues, due to their longer spine; and obesity.

Overall, dachshunds are wonderful dogs but their training needs to be taken seriously. Many people slack off or don't care because they're small, but that just causes many more problems in the long run that are harder to break as time goes on.

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