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United States

Posted November 10, 2014

I absolutely love my long haired dachshund. She does not shed and is easily groomed. I do give her hair cuts in the summer because she enjoys getting in the lake and she dries out much faster and smells less after swimming when her hair is short.

She has a big hound dog voice and loves to chase squirrels and bark up trees. She will chase cats that she is not familiar with but she is best friends with my cat and has even defended her against other cats that have come on my porch.

I have a 20 month old son and she has been a great dog since the day we brought him home. She didn't sleep for about three days because she just sat up watching us. She herded my other dog and cat away from him when he was a baby through when he was about 9 months old! Now that he is a toddler she has endless patience for food stealing, tail pulling and even the times when he wants "ride Sue" and succeeds before I catch him.

She loves other dogs and will play with any dog, no matter how big. She swims at the lake and beach and loves to chase waves. She will even ride the paddle board with me. She never has accidents in the house even if we leave her alone all day. If she's alone all day though, sometimes there will be a baby toy chewing casualty. She also will steal food if you leave it within reach and aren't looking, so you can't leave anything out around her if you don't want her to eat it.

She sleeps with my husband and I every night and loves to burrow in the covers and curl up against your back. She's a great dog and we love her dearly!

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