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Should you get a Daschund?


Louisiana, United States

Posted November 7, 2014

I received Brownie from a friend of my mother who owned a Daschund who had just had puppies. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was extremely cautious in everything I did. From bathing to what to feed her, I took time and put lots of effort into figuring out what she liked. Eventually everything became a breeze.

Eating: As a puppy, she preferred dry puppy chow, but as she grew she became extremely picky in what she would eat. Even now, she'll only eat wet foods of a specific brand and type. She likes chicken and rice, but won't eat just chicken. She also has to be in a specific mood to eat pork, however, she really likes turkey. Strange, I know.

Personality: As a puppy she was very hyper and affectionate. She gets excited to the point of peeing very often. She's a very happy dog, it's rare for her to be in a bad mood unless she's sick which doesn't happen as often as I'm experiencing with one of my other dogs. She is still very playful and she loves meeting new people and other animals.

Quickness to adjust to new routines: When we have to change the daily routine in any way, she's a bit reluctant. It ends up taking a good bit of time before she stops trying to do one thing and moves on to being able to automatically go into the next. When we moved into our new house, I feel like she was a bit confused as everything was in a different place so she spent most of her time in certain areas, but once I took the time to walk her around and try to get her to roam around all the different rooms of the house she was okay.

Being around children and other animals: Brownie isn't a big dog, Dachshund's aren't known for being all that large, but a dog around a child can be an issue with even a small dog. With Brownie she quickly got used to the baby and immediately wanted to cuddle and play. As for my younger brother, he's scared of dogs, but even when he runs away screaming, rather than chase him, she knows to let him go and only approach him when he calls.

Overall my experience with caring for her has been a fairly good one.
If I had to rate it out of 10, with 10 being the best, I'd say it was a 8.9/10.
If you're planning to get a Dachshund, I'd say to go ahead.

Hopefully this was of some help to you all.
Have a good day :)

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