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Albert Edward Prince of Fairiew - Lord of the House


Victoria, Australia

Posted November 4, 2014

Albert Edward joined our family as an adult dog, a gift from a family friend. Although lovable, he lived up to his haughty title - he definitely thought he was in charge.

The good - Albert was an extremely content dog, exuberantly greeting the family when they returned home, but content to be left alone during the day. He was also very friendly, eager to accept a pat from strangers as well as friends. A very energetic dog, Albert was always up for a walk - left off leash he had a habit of taking off through the paddocks for a good half an hour, but would always faithfully return. But once back home, he wouldn't stray beyond the front gate, even when said gate was left open. With regular baths (which to be honest, he hated) his long hair coat was kept in good condition, with no other expert grooming required. A healthy dog, we never had any issues that required vet attention, short of the accident that eventually claimed his life. He had received only minimal training prior to joining our family, but took to obedience training easily, making the process very simple.

The bad - Albert was a very arrogant dog in many respects. He immediately asserted dominance over our other dog, stealing her food and kennel whenever he felt like it. He also started off with some bad habits (such as excessive barking and digging), but with the proper training we were able to dissuade him from these habits.

In summary - Albert had a lot of energy, and, whilst he was quite content to be left at home during the day, this was only because he received long daily walks. As such, I would recommend dachshunds as a suitable pet for someone who has the time and energy to walk and play with them regularly. They're excellent companions for children, as they have the exuberance needed to keep up with an energetic child. Whilst he got along well with other dogs who were willing to be submissive, he was less cooperative when it came to other dominant dogs.

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