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California, United States

Posted October 15, 2014

I've owned dachshunds for 14 years. I can truly say that they are my favorite breed for many reasons.
Dachshunds are small and petite which is great for a small home or big home alike. It makes for great cuddling which they love to do. They will burrow down in your blankets and despite their small size, will somehow take up most of the room on the bed. The are very attached to their owners but can enjoy a good amount of independence. My dachshunds are obsessed with babies and children and love playing with them more than other dogs. I've bred my pups for this temperament. They are more than happy to run around and play with you but can switch over to quiet relaxing time instantaneously.
Dachshunds are very smart and are usually very food driven. They will learn tricks easily but that doesn't mean they will perform them for you. Dachshunds are notoriously stubborn and aren't always very eager to please. If you ask my doxie Peanut to sit, she will first check your hand to see if you have any treats. If you don't, she will just walk away. If you do have treats, she will sit, sit pretty, roll over, spin, and do just about anything she can to get that treat.
Dachshunds are alert, fearless, and persistent when they are on the hunt. Having a dachshund with other small animals is not a good idea. My dachshund has gotten a hold of my hamster before and once they learn to hunt, they will be forever consumed with the desire to catch more! They don't just stick to small rodents. My dachshund has gone after racoons, opossums, cats, birds, and just about anything that moves. Their alert personality makes for a great watch dog. My doorbell doesn't even work, I just have dachshunds. Seriously.
But oh lord the digging. DO NOT teach your dachshund how to dig unless you want your backyard destroyed.
Healthwise they are generally pretty easy. You have to be careful with their backs. Overfeeding should be avoided for this reason. You cannot let them jump from couches or run up and down stairs. They can easily hurt themselves this way and it will cost big $$ at the vet.
Dachshunds are smart, confident, and loyal. Sometimes I look at my doxies and can't help but think how human like they are. They're gentle and sweet but also hilarious. They are so many things wrapped up into a tiny, sausage shaped package that it's impossible not to love them!

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