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My Dachshund Experience


United States

Posted October 9, 2014

Zoey the Dachshund was treated for parvovirus infection at my veterinary clinic. When it came time for her to be picked up, the owners never showed. We really didn't want a new dog at the time, but my family was not able to find anyone who would take her. She quickly became part of our family.

Dachys in general have a very sweet disposition to their own people. In my experience, they can be very snippy to strangers or small children they do not know. Our dachshund was very 'needy' emotionally, where she always had to be touching you in the evenings when we were sitting in the living room. Zoey frequently wanted to be "in your face." See would pine over us and wanted to be loved (non-stop). This is a great trait to have in a pet, but when you have four kids (all under the age of 10) and work with dogs all day long, sometimes you just want to sit quietly and watch TV. This was not possible with little Zoey.

House training was also an issue with her. Unfortunately due to the circumstances, we did not get her at a time in her life when this would have been easier. She was already six months old, and she had been allowed to defecate in the house prior to her coming to live with us. Any new situation would bring out the prior behavior of stools in the carpet. If family visited, she would poop in the floor; if we had another dog around, she would poop in the floor; if the wind was blowing really hard, she would...you get the idea.

It just so happened that a friend's elderly mother was seeking a pet that would be by her side about 23 hours out of the day. We re-homed Zoey to her, knowing that it would be better for both of them as we worked 10-12 hour day sometimes. In the end it worked out well, and at another phase of life, I would be willing to take on another Dachshund.

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