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Why Boofy broke my heart



Posted October 6, 2014

Boofy was my best friend growing up. He is in some of my very earliest memories and to this day, I can credit him for bringing about my affection for dogs. He was gentle, friendly and very patient. I can't remember him ever being snappy or aggressive, although his mate, Snags, often could be. Despite being the same breed she did not share Boofy's sweet disposition.

He wasn't especially boisterous or silly. He didn't wander much. He was generally very relaxed and liked being around the family, even children. I remember sharing food with him as a little girl, even going so far as to let him lick ice cream from my cone!

I would gladly have owned many more dogs like him, except for one little problem. Both he and Snags suffered from a genetic condition that caused the discs in their backs to become displaced, effectively paralysing them. Dachshunds are prone to this condition and the success rate for treatment isn't great and is also very expensive. Although we attempted to save Snags, the treatment merely prolonged her suffering, so when Boofy later experienced the same problem, we said goodbye to him as a family. It was the first time my heart was ever truly broken.

If you are thinking about getting a dachshund then please buy from a breeder who consciously avoids lines that have a predisposition to the disorder and take good care of your dog when it is young. Dachshunds should be discouraged from jumping and are not ideal dogs for properties with a lot of stairs. They can be very sweet, loving pets which only makes their prospective health issues all the more devastating.

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