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Dachshunds: The good, the bad and the ugly.


United Kingdom

Posted October 5, 2014

I've been extraordinarily lucky to have been in contact with these little marvels, they ebb energy, love to be around people and are generally reckless little things in all the right ways. They love their toys so be sure to have some ready for them, this isn't the sort of breed to let them lie in the corner unused.

Although they are thoroughly loving things, they are quite high maintenance; even we, as a quite active couple, found it difficult at times to keep up with the massively buoyant nature of our Dachshund, they certainly aren't a lazy breed most of the time.
It is pertinent to note that they are quite a loud breed, if anyone is at the door they will bark, even when the door is opened, if the face is unfamiliar they will not cease until attended to, we quickly punished this behavior with a bit of a yell and he generally began to pipe down. The training for the Dachshund wasn't too bad, though they can be rather stubborn on some things, they are not as quick as other breeds -- especially in the house-training.
The short-haired Dachshunds are fairly easy to keep in good stead (which is what we owned), though you do need to ensure that nothing gets caught beneath their ears, yes, you'd be surprised what sort of grime gets beneath there.

In conclusion, what you'll find in a Dachshund is a loving little dog, very charming and very active; of course this differs from dog to dog, but with enough TLC the Dachshund is a very good contender as the best family dog I've experienced on a personal level.

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