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My Dachshund knows how to be a best friend!


56332, Germany

Posted August 22, 2014

My Dachshund ‚Jackie‘ is 3 years old now and she’s got a wonderful nature! She knows what it means to be a best friend. She senses when I am sad or depressed and she is always there for hugs and an understanding face. I really love her for that. Jackie is always very excited to see me and she protects me even when my boyfriend is just play-fighting with me!

But: Don’t expect your Dachshund puppy to be housebroken in just a few days They’re slow to catch on, you neet to be patient and consistent. One of the very first things your Dachshund will learn is to be sneaky. But if you are kind, patient, and persistent, your dog will learn!

Jackie is small, but very long. It is really important to watch her diet and avoid too many snacks. You need to make sure your Dachshund doesn’t weigh too much. That’s the way you help the dog have a healthy back. Another thing is that your dog shouldn’t walk up too many stairs. My friend lives in a fourth floor apartment without an elevator. Her Dachshund has had many back-operations!

Jackie is a lively dog who enjoys barking. She thinks it is important to watch out for strangers and for thinks that look and sound different. She may need extra training so that she doesn't bark too much. Once or twice a day I have a long walk with Jackie and she loves it. It is very healthy for her to get out and move. Exercise will keep her heart strong so that she lives for a long, long time!

Yes, owning a dog takes a lot of time, money, and commitment, but I guarantee you: Your Dachshund gives you a lifetime of unconditional love!

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