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My dachshund


United States

Posted July 20, 2014

I have had a dachshund for 2 years now. In my experience, they are pretty stubborn, which makes it hard to train them, but my dog is so loving and friendly towards people that it never bites or injures anyone (except if angered). He loves to play with other dogs as well as with children so I recommend it as a family dog!
However, you certainly have to care a lot for this breed: dachshunds have an extremely long spine, so they should not jump or go up stairs too much. On the other hand, they are not too heavy so I just carry my dog up long flights of stairs in order not to hurt it. Also, if you are considering a breed that doesn't eat too much, dachshunds are not for you: I was amazed at the beginning of how much dog (and people) food it gobbles up. It even was overweight for a while so I had to cut down on its diet for a few months...
I have lived in an apartment before moving to a house with a garden, and my dachshund was very satisfied living in both places, and of course overjoyed to have a garden. But I took my dog for two long walks a day when living in an apartment, and I found it very tiring because dachshunds need to move so much!
In conclusion, I recommend dachshunds to anyone willing to care for them seriously and who wish a fun-loving, friendly dog!

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