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Jingle Bells The Red Christmas Dachshund


United States

Posted July 14, 2014

Jingles blew into our lives one Christmas and immediately endeared herself to us.
She was everything we could have hoped for. She slept on everyone's lap, or chest, if you were lying down watching tv. Her temperament never changed as she got older.

This breed is so quiet, I hardly heard anything from her.If you are looking for a watch dog, forget it. I only ever heard a few low growls when someone knocked on the door. I jumped out of my skin the first time she barked, I never realized she hadn't until then. Of course, when you are the size and shape of a football, you naturally aren't too intimidating.

I would highly recommend this breed as a family pet and a very nice pet for the elderly, they aren't a hyperactive breed at all. They are very sociable, and if it is companionship you need , this is your dog.

Training...well, Jingles was so small that she couldn't even put the leash on her cat collar....lol....but she did learn well. To me it seems they are very intelligent, but attention span is short so short sessions more often works better.

This breed is bred to hunt rabbits and go down into holes after them, so if you have small pets, please be extra cautious.

Health, ok, you have to be extra careful with their backs, they can get spinal injuries easily if they get twisted. So, lift them up on your lap or chair, don't let them try to jump on their own, doggy stairs are good. Also, children are to be supervised around them because they can hurt the dogs back if they get too rough.

Speaking of children, I completely trust this breed, it's injury to the dogs from the children you need to worry about.

Also, I bought this dog from a Pet Store...NEVER AGAIN....she had a tumor from inbreeding and died 10 months later. Please be careful when purchasing your pet from a store.

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