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Posted July 1, 2014

Smart, playful and a little stubborn, Browny loved to follow me everywhere I went. She was extremely loyal but often timid or distrustful when it came to new interactions with people or animals (I believe it was just in her nature). However, she was great with children. Like most small dogs I've owned, Browny could be somewhat protective and did not like to be bothered, but if she liked you all she wanted was your attention... and she sure liked to cuddle!

Only due the fact that my family owned multiple pets during the time we received Browny, after about a year, we made the tough decision to give her to my grandmother. We felt that she deserved to be given more attention than we were able to provide for her. This actually turned out to be a wise decision! She is well loved and doing quite well today.

One thing to be cautious of is how easy it is for Dachshunds to gain weight. In the short duration that Browny was ours, she was quite healthy. We did notice that since she's been with her new owner (my grandmother), that she's gained a lot of weight. Understandably, it's hard not to given in to sneaking our pets table scraps, out of pure love, but it’s something we must refrain from doing all the time. Also, exercise is a must!

For someone considering a Dauchshund, I would very much recommend one that has had the chance to interact as a puppy with other animals (especially if you plan to own other pets down the line) because Dachshunds are skeptical by nature and it does help to get them used to others (dogs or otherwise). Either way, Browny was a joy to have as a pet and is still a joy to her current owner!

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